Sergey Parajanov Museum

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The Sergey Parajanov museum was founded by the government of Republic of Armenian in 1988. The museum only opened in 1991. Maestro Parajanov never got to live in his new home-museum.

The basic of the Parajanov Museum collection consists of more than 600 art works a large part of which are exhibited in Yerevan hause-museum.

By the will of the director, his childhood home’s furnishing and personal belongings were brought to Armenia from Tbilisi. His collages, drawings, dools and film sketching were mostly created during his 5 year imprisonment which show his distinctive reaction of life, events around him and his plastic perception of the world. Parajanov’s work has no analogies in the world of art and amares with it’s fantasy, wit and artistry.

My Oppinion

In my oppinion Sergey Parajanov Museum is more than immediate museum. It’s unique museum. It’s true that Parajanov didn’t live in museum, but it represent us Parajanov’s way of life, how he lived, how he composed. I think the museum reflect his inner world, because all things are there and all things are his composing and handwork. All paintings which are in the museum conveys his great treatment to the field of art.

I haven’t been to this museum for a long time, but I can confirm above mentioned statement.


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