Man Overboard


On July 21 the wind suddenly broke out. Herman was out in his anemometer that time when suddenly Torstein’s sleeping bag went overboard. Herman tried to catch as it went. We heart a faint cry and Herman’s head and waving arm as well as some vague green object twirling near him. Torstein and I bellowed “man overboard, man overboard” at the top of our lungs. Torstein, who was nearest, seized the bamboo drum round which was the line. It was the only time on the whole voyage that this line got caught up. As he missed the end of the logs, he reached out for the oar blade, but it slipped away from him. Knut and Eric threw out the life belt. But today the wind was so strong that when it was thrown it was simply blown back to the raft. But Herman was already far astern of the steering oar. Then we suddenly saw that Knut take off and plunge headfirst into the water. He had the life belt in one hand. Every time Herman’s head appeared on a wave but Knut was gone, and every time Knut was came up Herman wasn’t there. But then we saw both heads at once. Knut waved his arm, as the rubber raft had meanwhile been hauled on board, all four of us took hold of the line of the life belt  and hauled for dear life. But the sleeping bag didn’t remain floating for long after we had hauled the two man safe and sound on board.  Whatever dragged the sleeping bag down into the depth had just missed a better prey. We all felt a chill running through nerve and bone for a long time afterward. But the cold shivers were mingled with a warm thankfulness that there were still six of us on board.

In my position…

They could be able to make a decision because the gap was increasing. One of the five men on board could go on a risk to throw himself into the water. Knut was a good swimmer and only he took a risk to do it. He took off and plunge headfirst into the water of the sea. In my position it could do only Knut because Knut was a good swimmer. He didn’t imagine an hour ago that he would be able to move to a  rash step. He didn’t even think whether he would be able to act so or not, because he didn’t realize what a dangerous thing he was taking, he did it under the influence of a moment. There were five people on board but it does not mean that all friends were not friendly. They all helped the man(who was overboard) at the extent of their powers.


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